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Our Flash reel shows you a variety of clips from 13 different infomercials, TV spots and web videos. Runs about 13 minutes.

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I've created thousands of
ads for Newegg, one of the largest
e-commerce sites on the web.

 Mobile Site
 Mobile Help
 Banners #2



Wolfgang Puck

To introduce a new home oven, here's what I wrote and designed:

 Page #2
 Page #3

For a major
B2B real estate development,  here is a site that I concepted, wrote, coded and brought online in just one day.


Gano Excel
For a huge B2C business opportunity, here is how I streamlined their website pitch.

Spy Peeps
For a hi-tech social media monitoring service, I  developed the name, logo,  concept, copy and design here.


SOS Online Backup
For a major  online backup service, I wrote and designed the new landing page here.

A Tale of Two Web SitesLanding page and rough layout for a direct response style product. Again, concept, copy and design are all mine.

Coffey Landing Page

This is a rough layout and copy strategy for an    e-zine for a Christian recording artist.

Nascar Landing Page
Fun, hi-octane copy for another landing page.

"This is NASCAR, boy. Ain't no place for wimps."

Cronkite Landing Page
Another landing page for a video series, this time for the best of  America's greatest TV anchor.

Neat Eats
Copy and rough layout  for a housewares product website. I created the name, marketing concept, copy and design.

Neat EatsLong copy and rough layout for another landing page, very direct response in approach. Again, concept, copy and design are all mine.


Sellfire EMails
When Cash 4 Gold went through a rebranding, here's the email campaign & website I recommended.

Coco and Stan
One huge challenge with emails is to get opens. Here's my solution: pit man vs. chimp.  Who can't open that?

Sellfire EMailsSELLFIRE was a hot-selling email template I designed for millions of uses. Here are:
How It Worked
 An Example

Financial Emails
Here are a few of my FINANCIAL emails:

Fun & FashionThese are some FUN & FASHION emails:

Hi-Techl Emails

Here are a few of my HI-TECH emails:


EmailGirl54 short e-mails in 5 categories designed to generate leads right now.


is a short version of a B2B Powerpoint sales presentation. I did the sales strategy, concept, copy and design.

Nascar Creative Strategy

A PowerPoint marketing and creative strategy for NASCAR racing.


Light the Match
Here's a selection of banner display ads I wrote and designed recently:

 Banners #1
 Insert #2
 Financial #1
 Financial #2
 Education #1
 Education #2
 Education #3

Here are a few fun ideas and small space banners for:


Study NursingHere's a selection of banner display ads I wrote and designed recently:

 New Website
 Financial #1
 Financial #2
 Education #1
 Education #2
 Education #3

Home & FitnessHere are a few B2C ads I wrote and designed for Home, Fitness and Gifts:
  Home #1
  Home #2

Financial Ads
I've written and designed many ads for all kinds of Financial Services, like these:
  Financial #1
  Financial #2
  Financial #3

Careers & Education
Here are a few more ads for Careers and Education:
   Education #1
   Education #2

Blogs & SEO

Blog SampleHere's a 450 blog which also works as an email and PR release. Plus, a comparison of my work vs. a typical PR firm.
 450 Words

Email Newsletter
Here's how I improved a typical email newsletter to get more clicks right now:
 My Version

Web Pages

LegallyBarbHere's a website that I named, wrote, and designed for a small legal firm.


A Tale of Two Web Sites
Sample from a
40-page B2B site I wrote & designed:
  Page #1


Walk-In TubHere's a print ad that I designed for an an older audience.

Spectrim BrochureHere I did it all, created the name, did the marketing plan, then wrote and produced TV, radio, print and this 10-page brochure.

PritikinHere's a print ad that I designed for an upscale audience. I wrote, did the interview, and handled the account.

Alpha Brochure
Here are excerpts from a corporate brochure for a  hi-tech medical giant. I also did consumer ads and scientific videos.

It Pays To GiveLong copy newspaper ad designed to pull  leads and build brand image. One of hundreds of ads I've done.

Met-Rx book sample
This is a book sample for Met-Rx, one of the world's leading fitness supplements.

Get That Raise!This is a classic direct mail letter. I not only wrote and designed the package, I also invented the product.

Palmas Brochure

Here's a direct mail piece for a retirement community. I did the concept and copy.

Sales Scripts

Sales Script Sample
Here are the first 2 pages of a sales script and training tool for direct sales.

Star Clients
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12 years with ad agency. Creative, marketing & management experience.   

Written and produced thousands of online, print & TV ads--ThighMaster, Jenny Craig, Microsoft & more.

Also an excellent strategist, pitch man, designer & team leader. BA cum laude in Marketing.

Sure, lots of TV success, but also tons of recent online hits with email, display & more.

More than just wordsMORE THAN WORDS
Jim is more than "just a writer"--he does strategy, concepts, design and more.

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